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1st Phorm was founded around quality. They design supplements around one concept … make the very best products to help people get the very best results. In 2009, they saw a gap in the industry where companies were making the cheapest possible products, for the most amount of profit, and knew there was more to it than that. At 1st Phorm, they don't believe in making a product just to make a profit ... They are not here to sell you the latest oil, wrap, or SARM that has zero research to prove its effectiveness and safety. Their products are backed by research and designed to solve problems that we all face while trying to improve our health, performance, and physique.


HNS Training Facility is a family owned and operated gym. We strive to create an environment like no other. We offer everything you’d need to keep you motivated. From body building, CrossFit, power lifting, boxing you name it, we’ve got you covered. we are, your ONE STOP SHOP.

929 Normandy St.
Houston, Tx 77015 

T. (346) 628-0859 E.